Add calcium to the pool before it is full

The Orenda Startup is an adaptation of a traditional startup, but with more urgency of getting calcium in the water. The sooner, the better! This video by Blue Moon Pools in San Diego demonstrates the impact that early calcium can have. They effectively prevented plaster dust (carbonated calcium hydroxide) from forming. What that tells us is the water was less aggressive than the water in the spa, though the spa was filled with the exact same source water.

We do NOT recommend acid startups (hot starts), because in our experience, they are too difficult to control the outcome. More often than not, too much material is lost, and the damage is done. Instead, controlled acid washes or polishes are recommended to expose finishes. It’s just our opinion. We are not a plaster manufacturer so when in doubt, follow their instructions.

Simply adding Orenda SC-1000 and several pounds of calcium to the water as early as possible made the difference in this video. Why wait to put calcium in? If the water is low on the LSI, it will be hungry for calcium. We can feed the water, or the water will feed on the fresh plaster. The most soluble and readily available form of calcium that water takes is calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2. That calcium hydroxide has a pH of 12.6, which raises the pH in the pool and pool service techs experience what’s known as the “drift up”. A pool “drifting up” is evidence that the water was finding LSI balance on its own, at the expense of the surface.

Plaster dust can be prevented with the Orenda Startup

Don’t just hide the dust with a sequestering agent, prevent plaster dust by adding early calcium and SC-1000 as the pool is filling up.

  1. Test the tap water so you know what is going to be filling the pool.
  2. Use the Orenda LSI calculator App to dose how much calcium you will need to add.
  3. Bring the calcium and empty buckets to the job site, and begin pre-dissolving calcium in the buckets and let the heat out. Dissolving calcium in water creates an exothermic reaction.
  4. Add SC-1000 to the main drain pots, or wait until there are a few inches of water in the bowl. Add entire startup dose (32oz. per 10,000 gallons) at once.
  5. Begin adding buckets of calcium until the entire amount needed (according to the Orenda calculator) has been added. Do this while the pool is still in its early stages of being filled.

Your customers will thank you.

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