How To Purge A Pool Correctly

Using Orenda Products


Week 1

Day 1 –

1) Get all chemical readings and make any adjustments to balance the LSI.

2) Add the following Orenda Products –

  • CV-600 or CV-700 – 1 quart (32 ounces)
  • SC-1000 – 1 quart (32 ounces) – This scale and metal chelant is not typically a part of our normal purge, unless you’re using it specifically to remove calcium scale or stains. Contact us for guidance on whether or not you should include SC-1000 in your program.
  • PR-10,000 – 8 ounces (maximum) – Unless you’re able to close your pool for a day or two, 4 ounces at a time should be added. If you have any algae present, your phosphate readings will be low or 0. We recommend using PR-10,000 with a chlorine shock if algae is present.

3) Brush pool

4) If chlorine reading is 0, add no more than 1 gallon of liquid chlorine or 1 pound of granular CalHypo.  Discontinue use of stabilized chlorine if your CYA levels are above 30 ppm.


Day 2 & Day 3 –

1) Backwash filter – in most cases when PR-10,000 is added, filter will need to be backwashed and the pool will need to be vacuumed. Operators should determine when to backwash based upon pressure. Wait until the pool clears before vacuuming. If it’s still cloudy, let the reaction continue to completion.

2) If you used SC-1000 in your purge, add 1 gallon or 1 pound of granular CalHypo – Chlorine will be low.

3) Adjust all other chemicals to balance the LSI.


Week 2 – Start Maintenance

Dose Orenda Products Weekly for best results. Always maintain LSI balance.

CV-600 or CV-700 – (4 to 8 oz.) residential (10 – 20 oz.) commercial

SC-1000 – 3 ounces weekly

PR-10,000 – (1-2 oz.) Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly depending on conditions


Call Orenda Technologies, Inc. @ 1-866-763-4269 with any questions