Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Blue Moon Pools

Groundbreaking startup practice. An inside look with Lupe Mariscal of Blue Moon Pools as he utilizes the Orenda startup method and other best practices to provide leading industry standards.

Customer Spotlight: Payan Pool Service

Javier Payan with Payan Pools has applied contemporary technology to conventional wisdom, streamlining his methodology in the maintenance industry, using Orenda to increase profits.

Customer Spotlight: Carolina Pool Management

Carolina Pool Management has transformed their business managing commercial pools by minimizing old habits and optimizing water quality. How? By using the Orenda Program.

Explainer Videos

Orenda App Version 2.0 Available on iOS and Android

We thought you deserved an upgrade, and for the past year or so, we have been working on updating the Orenda App in a big way. A new design, new features, updated formulas, and so much more. We even made the sharing buttons bigger for those of us with big thumbs.

Phosphates, Algae and Chlorine Demand

Pool operators should know about phosphates, and have probably heard of nitrates…but little has been understood about what these elements actually do or why do they matter. High phosphates seem to weaken chlorine, as evidenced by low chlorine readings, lowered ORP, and the most visual of all evidence: algae. What’s really going on?

Breakpoint Chlorination and Shocking, Explained

Explanation of how the chemistry of chlorination works. Chlorine first must overcome the oxidant demand: metals, then non-living organics and ammonia-based compounds (chloramines). Only after the oxidant demand has been destroyed is the breakpoint reached, and sanitation can begin.

Calcium Hydroxide Crystals vs. Scale

Can you correctly identify calcium carbonate scale? Many people mistake underwater calcium crystals for scale, and therefore do the opposite of what needs to be done to treat the problem.

How to use the Orenda App + LSI Calculator

Walkthrough of Orenda’s mobile app; specifically how to use the industry-leading LSI dosing calculator

Calculadora de Dosis para Albercas de Orenda

Còmo leer el ISL (Índice de Saturación Langelier)

The Blame Game: Know the facts before you act

Before jumping to conclusions and blaming your pool guy, gather as much information about your pool as possible. It may not be your pool guy’s fault at all…

Total Alkalinity vs. pH

It’s easy to confuse Total Alkalinity and pH. After all, the word “alkaline” is part of the pH conversation. This video explains the distinction.

The LSI, Explained

Are you familiar with the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)? If not, this video can help. The LSI is important to understand because it is the objective measure of water balance.

How Orenda Enzymes Work

Whether you have used CV-600/700 in your pool or not, our enzymes do amazing things to water. This video explains how they devour non-living organic waste. Delicious.

Where do Phosphates come from?

We talk a lot about removing phosphates…but this video explains the three main ways phosphates get in your water in the first place.

Educational/How-to Videos

The Orenda Calcium Startup

Proper pool startup to prevent plaster dust involves feeding calcium to the pool as it is filling. When you add calcium this early, if you do not have an effective chelating agent like SC-1000 in the water, you can get calcium carbonate fallout and/or scale.

Overdoing the calcium addition–or adding calcium too fast–can also create fallout. Always test the tap water prior to filling the pool, because all pool chemistry starts at the tap.

How To Build An Orenda Startup Tank

Looking to accomplish a problem free pool startup?

The first step in the Orenda Startup process is gathering materials and building your tank.

How to use CE-Clarifier

Demonstration and explanation of how to use Orenda’s all-natural chitosan clarifier, CE-Clarifier.

Location: Panama City, FL

How to use CV-600 and CV-700

Why and how to apply Orenda enzyme products CV-600 and CV-700 to a swimming pool.

Location: Panama City, FL

How to use PR-10,000

Explanation of how to properly apply PR-10,000 Phosphate remover to a swimming pool.

Location: Panama City, FL

SC-1000 FAQ

SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control
Learn more about SC-1000 from these frequently asked questions.

CV-600 & CV-700 FAQ

CV-600 & CV-700 Enzyme and Phosphate Remover
Learn more about CV-600 & CV-700 from these frequently asked questions.

PR-10,000 FAQ

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover
Learn more about PR-10,000 from these frequently asked questions.

How to use SC-1000

There are many uses for SC-1000. This video explains some of the main ones: pool startup and weekly maintenance (scale prevention).

Location: Panama City, FL

New Pool Startup

Using LSI Calculator and SC-1000 for a new plaster startup. Follow the National Plasterer’s Council (NPC) guidelines for a safe startup.

Location: Reston, VA

The Orenda Test Pool

Harold walks us through the equipment setup at Orenda’s test pool in Fairview, Texas. Its equipment is plumbed and setup a certain way for optimum efficiency and automation.

Location: Fairview, TX

Testing pool chemistry is critical

How do you test your pool water? Do you really know what your water chemistry is? In this video, Monica talks about what she does when she visits a pool, and the thirteen parameters she tests for when visiting problem pools.

Calcium out of the tap: water chemistry lesson with Harold Evans

All water chemistry starts at the tap. You must test the tap water to know the baseline for water treatment. Test for calcium hardness, pH, alkalinity and temperature. Your plaster surface depends on it. Learn why it’s important to add calcium flake to the water, instead of letting the calcium levels in the pool “drift up.”

Location: Dallas, TX

Witness it Work

The Orenda Startup

This is an adaptation of a traditional startup, but with more urgency of getting calcium in the water. The sooner, the better! This video by Blue Moon Pools in San Diego demonstrates the impact that early calcium can have. They effectively prevented plaster dust (carbonated calcium hydroxide) from forming.

CV-600 Enzymes in action!

Digests oils and off-gasses CO2

Vacuum sand filter purge

Deep clean and refurbish with enzymes in a Paddock vacuum sand filter.

Location: Rock Hill, SC

Orenda Products vs. Filter Channeling

Regular backwashing is ineffective if your filter has a channeling problem. Water is avoiding the sand and finding the path of least resistance. In these cases, water was going around the inside of the filter tanks.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Cleaning a pressure sand filter (TR-140) with enzymes and phosphate remover

A little bit of enzymes and phosphate remover go a long way, especially when applied directly into dirty sand filters. Isolate the filters for a deep clean, let soak, then backwash to waste.

Location: Nashville, TN

PR-10,000 vs. Calcium film

Wiping off calcium scale/film with Orenda PR-10,000

Location: Spartanburg, SC

Enzymes remove scum off the walls

CV-600 + PR-10,000 vs. organic film in a commercial sand filter (Paddock Vacuum Sand filter)

Location: Rock Hill, SC

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover in action!

Reacts with phosphates on contact, and the reaction clouds up the pool.

Location: Dallas, TX


Stabilizer-An Unstable Future?

Nate Hernandez from Vivo Aquatics is an advocate for innovative water management solutions that question the common practices of stabilization.

What is an Orenda Pool?

Facility Operator Experience

Location: Charlotte, NC

What is an Orenda Pool?

Swimmer & Coach experience

Location: Charlotte, NC

Hard Rock Vegas

Testimonial from one of the heaviest loaded pools in America

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Water Chemistry; Skip Phillips Perspective

In this video, Pool & Spa Industry Thought Leader Skip Phillips is interviewed by Monica Stamper Hall of Orenda.