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Todos nuestros productos están certificados por el estándar 50 NSF/ANSI

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Las botellas Orenda son distinguibles debido a su diseño. Todos nuestros productos son de grado profesional y cuentan con la marca de NSF® de certificación debido a que cumplen con el estándar 50 NSF/ANSI.

La línea de nuestros productos no es tan grande pero es enfocada. Eso es intencional. NO manejamos alguicidas, cloro, control de pH o cualquier químico similar. Nos enfocamos únicamente en tres cosas y lo hacemos muy bien, con la máxima puridad de agua posible. Nuestros productos fueron diseñados en base a 3 de los 4 pilares del cuidado proactivo de piscina. Para el cuarto pilar siendo el uso mínimo de CYA o acido isocianurico no hace falta un producto.

Los primeros tres pilares son:

  1. Balance del ISL y control del calcio
  2. Remover los desechos orgánicos no vivos en el agua
  3. Remover los fosfatos en el agua

Productos Orenda

Tenemos una línea de productos no muy extensa pero muy enfocada en cada problema. Cada producto es inofensivo para el medio ambiente y cada uno tiene una fórmula especializada basada en la ciencia de la química del agua. Como prueba de nuestro compromiso nos hemos asegurado de certificar cada uno de los productos con la NSF internacional. Sus métodos de prueba y estándares de certificación son de los más robustos en la industria.
NSF_Icon Estamos muy orgullosos de que TODOS nuestros productos esten certificados con el estándar 50 de NSF/ANSI.
PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate
SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control
CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner
CV-700 Enzyme Water Cleaner + Phosphate Remover
CE-Clarifier Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme
CE-SPA Spa Clarifier + Enzyme
SPA-500 Pre-Drain Spa Scrub
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Calidad sobre cantidad

Gracias a la fuerza y concentración de nuestros productos, un poquito rinde mucho. Evite sobredosificar y usar grandes cantidades de producto ya que eso no es necesario. Simplifique su rutina de mantenimiento y recuerde, siempre mida los químicos antes de agregarlos a la piscina.

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Suzanne Rohan
“I just have to tell you that I am one happy customer! I have dealt with scaling for a year and now I have noticed when I brush the tile it is slowly coming off! AMAZING! I have asked numerous pool people about how to deal with scale, more people need to know about your products, THEY WORK. THANK YOU. Appreciate it again, you have no idea what I have had to deal with to get rid of scale the last year. (like a pool tile cleaning company that cost me 3500 in damage)“
Carolyn Koss Kasten
“I found Orenda when I opened my 20-year-old pool to find a blizzard of crystals that had formed over the winter. We had never had this problem. Neither my pool company nor the local pool store had any idea what had caused it or what to do. I found Orenda online after researching crystals in pools and called their support. Eric recommended using SC-1000, giving detailed instructions about how to use and what other pool chemical levels I needed to adjust. Using their app and the product I was able to clear the problem within days. Their site also had great videos and instructions about how to maintain your pool. I am an Orenda customer for life!“
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Kevin Conaway
Saint Joseph, Missouri
"Orenda chemicals and staff are the greatest. Talked with Eric last week, he made some recommendations to fix my pool that turned to a complete green pond. After 36 hrs my pool is crystal clear. Its amazing how much you can accomplish when you talk to and use the right products. I am absolutely sold on Orenda products. No more using those chain stores for advice. They led me down the wrong road to many times. Take my advice and start learning how to care for your pool the correct way!!!"
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Rex Gibson
“I have a new pool and just learning how best to balance the water. Love the Orenda Academy and LSI app.“
Silvia Taylor
Plano, Texas
“I replaster my pool in October, and the start up was not done correctly. I had no idea the process that needed to be followed after a new plaster. After so much research, I found Orenda YouTube channel where I'm learning about the the startup process and the basics of the water chemistry. I contacted Orenda Technologies and Jared came to my house to see my swimming pool at no charge. I have been taking advantage of the free training where they teach homeowners the basics of water chemistry to take care of the swimming pool. Did I tell you they have a free app? it is awesome!Thank you very much Eric and Jared!“
Dean Oullette
Dean Ouellette
Chandler, Arizona
“I’m a fan of the Orenda products and how they help me keep my pools beautiful. I’m also a huge fan of the free app. When I pitch a new pool I always tell the customer they can do it for free, here is an app. Then I go through each thing on the app and show how range chemistry doesn’t work. By the time I’m done with them they usually ask me when I can start. Thanks Harold, Eric and the rest of the crew.“
Reason Pack
Reason Pack
“We got an inground pool last year for the first time that had been historically plagued with algae blooms. Thanks to the awesome learning resources and amazing personalized advice from Eric we've been able to keep our water algae-free and we often get compliments on how clear it looks and how nice the water feels. Best of all, their approach involves minimizing the use of unnecessary chemicals, and you'll actually understand when and why you are using them.“
Gwen Taylor
Richmond, Virginia
“Accurate information, up to date, Presented in a way I can understand it, unique ideas for pool maintenance and care“

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