Orenda Products

How to spot Orenda Products on the shelf: Look for the bottles shaped like motor oil

NSF logo on CE-Clarifier Orenda’s bottles are distinct and recognizable, like motor oil. That was intentional. Remember that Orenda products are professional grade, so you can trust that what is in the bottle does what it says it does. We have the NSF logo on there to validate our claims, but the ultimate test when you use the products in a pool.

Our product line is narrow and focused. This was also intentional. We don’t carry algaecides, chlorines, pH control chemicals or anything else like that. We focus on four things, and do them the best we can, with products that are of the upmost purity possible. Our four specialties are:

  1. Non-living organic waste management/removal
  2. Phosphate control/removal
  3. Carbonate scale and metal staining control/removal
  4. Particle clarifier

Quality over Quantity

While most products on the market contain ingredients like aluminum, polymers, dyes and other synthetic ingredients, we decided to opt for quality over quantity. We do not dilute our products before putting them in the bottle…customers deserve better than to pay for watered-down products. After all, you’re about to pour them in a pool.

With Orenda, a little bit goes a long way. Our concentrated formulas mean less waste, and less volume for you to carry around.

Professional Grade

We were challenged to see just how strong our products are. We accepted, and went to a busy YMCA pool that has not had a sand change since opening 11 years ago. This indoor pool averages 400 swimmers each day, and also hosts large swim meets. The organic loading is significant. We poured into the filter  measured doses of Orenda CV-600 enzymes and PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover, and came back eight hours later. The sand looked…actually, we’ll let you finish that sentence.  The sand looked _____________.

Sand filter refurbish, Orenda products

Sand from the same commercial filter (Paddock Vacuum Sand Filter) 8 hours apart. Contact your local service technician about refurbishing your sand bed with the Orenda program.