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Orenda Products

NSF logo on CE-Clarifier Orenda bottles are distinct and recognizable, by design. All of our products are professional grade, and bear the NSF® mark. All Orenda products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

The Orenda product line is narrow and focused. This was also intentional. We don’t carry algaecides, chlorines, pH control chemicals or anything else like that. We focus on just three things, and do them the best we can, the upmost purity possible. Our three specialties coincide with our Four Pillars of Proactive Pool Care. The fourth pillar is minimal Cyanuric Acid, which we do not have a product for. Our specialties are:

  1. Calcium and Metal Control/Chelation
  2. Non-living organic waste management/removal
  3. Phosphate control/removal

Product List

Quality over Quantity

With Orenda, a little bit goes a long way. Our concentrated, natural, professional-grade formulas mean less waste, and less chemicals for you to carry around. Simplify your pool routine with Orenda chemicals. And always remember to measure pool chemicals before you pour them in.