What is an Orenda Pool?

An Orenda pool is one you would happily let your kids and grandkids play in.  It is a pool full of water without long-term byproducts. A pool managed with proactive pool care; more deliberate practices and minimal chemical use. The pool is treated with mindfulness to prevent common problems that pool operators fight every day.

Our line of natural pool chemicals are formulated with a solid foundation in science, and meet the strictest standards of quality and purity in the industry: Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

Orenda water treatments each serve a unique purpose in the overall realm of water chemistry, and are designed to be used in harmony with one another. Together, our program can boost sanitizer efficiency, protect pool surfaces and prevent scale, remove phosphates and clarify the water for that extra shine.



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Orenda Products

NSF/ANSI 50 Certified

We have a narrow and focused line of eco-friendly water treatments; each of which has its formula firmly based in science. As proof of our commitment to quality, we have gone through the extra effort and expense to have every Orenda product certified by NSF International. Their testing and standards are among the most stringent in the world. 


ALL Orenda products are NSF®/ANSI Certified to Standard 50. And we're proud of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Orenda products sold?

Orenda products are available through most pool distribution stores and in some cases, online retailers. Orenda does not sell direct to consumers, but rather through distribution networks.

Our products are formulated for professional use, so wherever licensed pool service professionals buy products, Orenda can be made available there. If your local store does not (yet) carry Orenda products, please contact us and we can help.

What makes Orenda products different?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? Any company can list features or value propositions when asked how they are different…and we could too. But honestly, we prefer to let our products speak for themselves. Or better yet, let our customers tell you.

Why is the NSF Certification brought up so often?

Because NSF®/ANSI Certification is a big deal. Read more about who the NSF® is here. In short, all of our products are subjected to batch testing and routine audits for quality and purity. We make sure we don’t cut corners and water-down our formulas, because if we did, we would lose our certification. Think of the NSF mark as a guarantee for quality and safety.

NSF®/ANSI 50 is the recreational water safety standard. All our products meet that standard at a minimum.

What is the strongest Orenda product?

Sounds like a lay-up question, but we actually get it a lot. In terms of strength-per-volume, PR-10,000 takes the cake, though all of our products are considered strong.

Our formulas were originally made for wastewater and other industrial water systems, so swimming pools are a simpler application. The strength of our formulas is the reason our enzymes can stand the test of the most extreme bather loads; our SC-1000 chelant can handle metal stains, hardened scale and calcium crystals in a non-aggressive way; and PR-10,000 is a highly concentrated solution.

What is the weakest Orenda product?

This website. Hands down.

How long does it take SC-1000 to remove scale?

It all depends on how much scale you have, and where it’s located. If it’s above the water line, you must raise the water level to allow the pool to soak it over time, with SC-1000 in the water. We have found most scale problems are alleviated within 30 days of using SC-1000. But the problem will continue until you maintained your water with a balanced LSI. Use our free calculator to help you with the math.

Often times we have customers with spillways or water features with scale on them. Because you cannot constantly soak those areas, it’s more difficult. Contact us for specific advice on how to counter those situations.

Will the phosphate remover cloud up a pool?

Yes. It helps to show pool owners and operators exactly what to expect, so show them the video below.

PR-10,000 reacts with phosphates on contact, and the cloudiness is the result of that reaction. If phosphates are not present, cloudiness will not occur. If phosphates ARE present, expect cloudiness for 12-24 hours in most cases, but in extreme cases it can be up to 48 hours. Vacuum the pool to get the sediment out, then clean the filter. Enjoy your phosphate-free (or at least phosphate-reduced) pool!

Why do CV-600 and CV-700 enzymes make bubbles in the pool?

There are two types of bubbles that typically show up when first using our enzymes: 1) big, soapy bubbles, and 2) tiny micro bubbles.

First, the soapy bubbles appear because there is a surfactant in our enzyme formula to help cut through grease and other non-living organics. This surfactant is similar to that of a dish soap, and the bubbles you see at first are likely from that surfactant being introduced for the first time. They go away pretty quickly, and are harmless. Remember, our enzyme products meet the drinking water safety standard (NSF/ANSI 60).

The other type of bubbles are tiny micro bubbles. These are the result of the enzymes breaking down and digesting carbon bonds that hold organic waste together. This carbon, when digested, off-gasses as carbon dioxide (CO2), and in high concentrations you can actually see clusters of micro bubbles. It looks like this:Enzyme bubbles, micro bubbles, orenda enzymes

How do I use Orenda products?

We have descriptions and dosing instructions on the back of every bottle, as well as on the Orenda Products pages on this website. For exact dosing amounts, you can use the free Orenda App, and plug in the volume of the pool. On the dosing results page, you will find exact fluid ounces (fl.oz.) doses for each of our products, based on the volume of water being treated.

We also offer free online training, which you can request here.