Phosphate Remover Concentrate

PR-10,000 is a highly concentrated rare-earth phosphate remover. It is formulated to react with phosphates in the water, allowing them to be removed from solution. It reacts with all known types of phosphates on contact and hardens them into a fine precipitate, which falls out of solution. The inert phosphates then floc out, to be vacuumed or filtered out of the pool. PR-10,000 causes cloudiness, which can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Use as needed, and do not exceed the recommended dosage unless otherwise specified (see below).

Because of PR-10,000's concentration, a little goes a long way. A dose of PR-10,000 may be surprisingly small to you, but watch it work. PR-10,000 is one of the original Orenda Products and is professional grade.

Why Remove Phosphates?

Unlike most other contaminants in water, chlorine cannot remove phosphates, because they do not interact with each other to reduce phosphate levels, you will need a phosphate remover.

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How to use PR-10,000

We recommend not exceeding 8 fl.oz./10,000 gallons for a normal treatment unless otherwise specified. This is recommended because of the impact on filter pressure. When phosphates are removed, there is a fine precipitate that falls out of solution. Too much precipitate at one time can cause high pressure in filters.

PRO TIP: Try using PR-10,000 in a commercial spray bottle, and broadcast it across the surface of the pool. The cloudiness is less severe, and you still remove the same amount of phosphates each treatment. Consider following it up with CE-Clarifier, also used in a spray bottle, to help filter out precipitate faster.

For green pools, follow our Green Pool Cleanup procedure.