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CV-700 updated bottles

CV-700 is a unique, stabilized enzyme formula with a phosphate remover blended in. It effectively breaks down and removes non-living organics (bather waste) and oils from water, while also reacting with phosphates in water. CV-700 is one of our most popular Orenda Products amongst service technicians and pool owners. It is considered by some service companies as one of the best-kept secrets, or "pool hacks" for keeping water quality looking great.

Removing bather waste is critical to chlorine efficiency, as it would otherwise need to be oxidized by chlorine or a secondary oxidation system. Removing bather waste is so important, it is our Second Pillar of Proactive Pool Care.

Phosphates cannot be oxidized or removed by chlorine, so you need a phosphate remover to get rid of them. Removing Phosphates is our Third Pillar of Proactive Pool Care. While CV-700 is a significantly weaker phosphate remover than PR-10,000, it serves a purpose for simplified maintenance.

Routine application of CV-700 will positively maintain water clarity, reduce both non-living organic and phosphate contamination of water to boost chlorine efficiency.

NSF/ANSI Certified to Standard 50

How Orenda Enzymes Work

Orenda enzymes CV-600 and CV-700 devour organic bather waste

Want help dosing CV-600 enzymes? Download ORENDA in the App Store.

Even in the most extreme pool bather loads, Orenda enzymes are up for the challenge. Why? Because they were formulated for wastewater. Without enzymes in the pool, the primary line of defense against non-living organics (bather waste such as urine, sweat, dead skin, body oils, hair gels, cosmetics, lotions, and of course, sunscreen) is chlorine. But chlorine's primary job is sanitation/disinfection, not oxidizing organic bather waste.

Having enzymes residually fed into your water with chlorine boosts its efficacy by handling the oxidant demand (non-living organics). The result is stunningly clear pool water. A more efficient reduction of body waste means less oxidation (and partial oxidation, which yields chloramines and other disinfectant byproducts.

Use Orenda enzymes for the cleanest, purest pool water possible. They clear the way for chlorine to disinfect faster, and that's a good thing.

Wouldn't it be nice to not rely on hyper chlorination (breakpoint chlorination, aka shocking) to handle combined chlorine? Give our enzymes a try, and see if you need to anymore.

Orenda Enzymes Digesting Oil

Orenda enzymes CV-600 digest WD-40 oil in a bowl of water

This video demonstrates how Orenda's enzyme breaks down and digests oils in water. This demonstration includes an overdose of Orenda enzyme, WD-40, and a bowl of water. Watch as the enzymes attack the oil and break down the carbon bonds, releasing microbubbles of carbon dioxide.

This video simulates what Orenda enzymes do in a swimming pool to bather waste and other non-living organics. Lotions, sunscreen, cosmetics/make-up, hair gels, deodorants, and other body products wash off our bodies and stay in the pool. Without enzymes, chlorine is left to try and oxidize them out of the water. The problem is, chlorine is not designed to do that...and it has a much more important purpose: sanitation.

Let Orenda enzymes and CE-Clarifier handle the bather waste for you. The enzymes circulate through the system just like other chemicals, so they are out in the pool where all of the contamination is introduced. They can boost chlorine efficiency by reducing the oxidant demand on chlorine, so chlorine can focus on disinfection.

The result is stunning water clarity and healthier pool water. 

CV-600 and CV-700

CV-600 and CV-700 Frequently Asked Questions

CV-600 and CV-700 Product Tutorial

Orenda Enzymes

Orenda is known for its product strength and performance, and CV-600 Enzymes prove it. These are catalytic amino acids that break down and digest non-living organics (sweat, body oils, grease, scum, etc.). Because they are non-living "organics", they are carbon-based, and Orenda enzymes will break down the molecules to a point of releasing carbon dioxide bubbles. In other words, these enzymes digest carbon-based non-living organic waste and off-gas carbon dioxide (CO2).

Organic Waste and Carbon Management is Orenda's Second Pillar of Proactive Pool Care.

What are some other examples of non-living organics include: sunscreen, cosmetics, lotions, oils, hair gels, deodorants, perfumes, and numerous other contributors to the oxidant demand of a swimming pool. Using CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes in your water helps chlorine overcome the oxidant demand and reach breakpoint chlorination sooner...allowing for the free available chlorine (FAC) residual to build. We need FAC in the water to sanitize, but sanitization cannot occur until the oxidant demand has been destroyed.

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