Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme

CE-Clarifier is our all-natural clarifier that is ideal for swimming pools and fountains. When we were formulating our clarifier, we knew we wanted it to be different than any other clarifier out there. So we added our trademark enzyme to the mix. The enzyme boosts CE-Clarifier’s strength in a big way; it breaks down and digests non-living organics, grease and oils on the surface of the water. This helps clear the way for the chitosan to find particles to attract and floc out. The result is sparkling clean water. But we don’t need to tell you that. We let the product speak for itself.

  • Natural Chitosan clarifier
  • Added enzyme for increased performance
  • Increase water clarity
  • No synthetic polymers or dyes
  • Remove oils & non-living organics
  • Clear up cloudy pools

How to use CE-Clarifier: